Te Kōrari

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Whakapapa of Te Kōrari

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The meaning of Te Kōrari

In Te Ao Māori, there has always been an engrained connection between Māori and the natural world. Knowing this connection, it was important for the name to reflect this and to give it life.

Kōrari is the name of the flower stalk in the very centre of Harakeke. Kōrari attract birds because of the nutrients its flowers produce, for rest and as a platform to scan where to go next.

Much like in nature, Te Kōrari hopes to be a place for Māori to:

  • see supports tailored and marketed in a positive way.
  • feel uplifted by stories celebrating excellence and success.
  • pursue their aspirations using the provided pathways.
A wooden pathway through lush New Zealand forest

Building pathways to employment

In 2022, Te Mahere Whai Mahi Māori | The Māori Employment Action Plan (external site)was released. Its vision is for Māori to exercise rangatiratanga and create intergenerational wellbeing through work. Recognising Te Mahere as part of a broader goal of developing the largest Māori asset, he tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata.

In 2020, Te Ara Mahi Māori (external site) – an independent reference group – was formed to recommend to the Government what to include in the Māori Employment Action Plan. The name Te Ara Mahi Māori represents the group’s aspirations to build pathways to employment.

TE POU - What Success will look like:

The aims of Te Mahere Whai Mahi Māori include, for people, Māori have the skills and knowledge to lead, and succeed, at all stages of their careers. Through equitable participation and acheivement in education, equitable access to, and participation in, sustainable, quality work for all Māori and EET services are tailored and culturally responsive to Māori. Māori thrive in workplaces that have good conditions and are free from discrimination. Workplaces are inclusive for Māori, workplaces recognise and foster the potential of Māori, Māori leadership and representation in the public sector Futures, Iwi, hapū and Māori are leaders in future-focused and sustainable sectors. Successful and sustainable Māori entrepreneurship, Māori start and grow thriving, sustainable businesses. A diverse Māori workforce in future-focused sectors.

EET: Employment, Education and Training