About us

This website is a central place for information from the New Zealand Government, relating to Employment, Education and Training.

Connected makes it easier to explore jobs, study, training or business support. The service helps a wide range of New Zealanders find the advice and support they need, including businesses, people looking for help to find a job or who are worried about keeping the one they have, and those looking for study and training advice and opportunities.

Connected provides support and information on:

The Connected service includes this website, a freephone (0800 264 737) and 35 Connected centres (external site) across the motu. Anyone is welcome to drop into a Connected centre without an appointment for support to navigate the services available from government agencies in their region. The Connected centres host a wide range of activities, ranging from events for young people to training sessions and business networking functions. Employers can meet job seekers and run events at Connected centres.

Connected is an all-of-government service led by the Ministry of Social Development.

Te Anga

Connected closes the distance between us. It links our histories and our futures together, and serves as a starting point from which we can work to bring out the best in each other and move forward together. The meaning of Te Anga is driving force, momentum, and to drive forward. It points in a ‘forward’ direction and symbolizes leadership, direction, movement, and going forward together.

Our Te Anga motif was designed to visually represent what Connected is inspired by, and is derived from traditional tāniko designs – a uniquely Māori variation of whatu (weaving) used to weave the colourful, intricate borders of cloaks. Tāniko designs express histories, ideas and values. Waharua Kopito are the diamond/triangular shapes. The literal translation is a point where people or events cross. In other words, where people come together and connect to make change.

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