Privacy statement

Personal information

The or (the ‘site’) does not require the collection, use or sharing of your personal information.

Websites that we provide links to may require you to provide personal information - please read the Privacy Statements on those sites before providing your personal details.

Use of cookies

We use cookies to collect statistical information about your visit to the site to help us improve it. A cookie is a piece of code that creates a file on your computer to track the pages that you view on our website. These cookies have an expiry date and are removed on that date. You can disable cookies or clear them out of your web browser without affecting your ability to use the site. The cookies do not collect your personal information.

Google Analytics

We also use cookies with the Google Analytics tool to collect and analyse details about the use of our website. Most browsers allow the user to refuse cookies, or it issues a warning when cookies are being sent.

The information Google Analytics collects includes:

  • the first three parts of the IP address of the device
  • the pages accessed on our site and the links clicked on
  • the date and time the site was visited
  • the referring site, if any, through which you clicked through to this site
  • the operating system on your device, for example, Windows 10 or Apple iOS
  • the type of web browser used, for example, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • other incidental information such as screen resolution and the language setting used.

The Google Analytics data is stored on Google’s servers, and is viewable by authorised staff as detailed in their privacy policy. We may share this information with other government agencies.

How Google uses data when you use their partners’ sites or apps can be found at (external site)


We also use Swiftype to collect details about what people search for on our site. It collects cookies and usage data. The Swiftype privacy statement can be found at (external site)

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