What employers are looking for

Find out more about the skills employers are looking for to help your job search.

Advice on skills employers look for

Tertiary Education Commission

Employers have told us that many job applicants are missing essential employability skills, such as problem solving ability and willingness to learn. Improve your chances of finding a job – learn about these seven employability skills.

About What it's about

The seven employability skills you have that make employers want to hire you.

Who Who it's for

People who are looking for a job, or planning to learn new skills.

Offers What it offers

  • A description of the seven employability skills.
  • How you can link your skills to these employability skills.
  • A video explaining what employers want, so you can improve your chances of finding a job.

Getting a job

Ministry of Education

Learn about skills employers are looking for, writing a CV, preparing for a job interview, discovering your skills and strengths and much more.

About What it's about

Discover what your skills are and find out what’s expected of you in the workplace. This resource provides handy tools to help you gain confidence in your search for a job!

Who Who it's for

All students who are applying for, or considering applying for employment.

Offers What it offers

This website provides information on the skills employers are looking for, finding your skills and strengths and advice on how to prepare a CV, or how to prepare for a job interview. Additionally, the website explores how to choose a career and your rights and responsibilities at work.

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